Sitemap - 2021 - Tyler S. Farley's Newsletter

“Nobody could see it coming” – Sound familiar? They said it with 9/11, now Biden says it with Omicron.

First U.K. and Texas Omicron deaths appear to be fake news. Officials refuse to release details of both cases.

With it becoming more and more difficult to try to blame the unvaccinated, will the blame now shift to the true cause of Covid, China?

With so much evidence showing that operations like Patriot Front and the Whitmer kidnapping are nothing but FBI plots, it’s time to expose BLM as just another fed-run group.

Everything implemented over the last two years has one thing in common, it disrupts the economy. So is that the real goal?

The Maxwell trial is meant to solidify Epstein’s image as a simple sex trafficker, instead of the sprawling intelligence operation that he represented.

If the government mandates you take a new drug and then refuses to release data about that drug for nearly 100 years, you may not live in a free country anymore.

With the public seemingly not buying into Omicron, expect the establishment to move to more forceful methods to keep the pandemic going.

If the technology you use everyday doesn’t offer you any resistance, it means you’re doing exactly what the creators of that technology want you to do.

Another conspiracy comes true. New UK law will mandate electric car chargers be connected to the internet so they can be shut off or monitored remotely.

It all makes sense now. Dr. Fauci has managed the entire pandemic like one of his deranged experiments.

Just like the lockdowns, the supply shortages only hurt the poor and working class. The wealthy ruling class is completely unaffected.

The Thanksgiving Day Omicron media blitz is starting to look like it was an experiment to gauge the public’s reaction.