Sitemap - 2022 - Tyler S. Farley's Newsletter

Wild Theory: Zelensky flipped long ago and is now working with Putin.

Western nations sending an unprecedented amount of weapons to Ukraine will destabilize the whole region just like what was done to the Middle East.

All the giant tech companies that are protecting the deep state via censorship have one thing in common. They were all able to operate at massive, decade-long losses until they became the giants that

Zelensky is the new Dr. Fauci and biolabs in Ukraine are the new lab-leak theory. It’s all just a rerun.

A look into the Netflix business model that has made them an easy propaganda pipeline for wealthy entities around the world.

DHS official says that calling the Super Bowl the “Satanic Bowl” is the type of speech they monitor and track online.

First they labeled the truth as “misinformation”. Then they said misinformation was an act of terrorism. It’s all been a plan to slowly criminalize the truth.

Crack pipes and “harm reduction”. A look at the flawed theory backed by the same phony “science” behind mask mandates and lockdowns.

The demonizing of the trucker convoy isn’t about vaccines, it’s the government defending the use of mandates for everything moving forward.

The more you know! The Capitol police are immune from FOIA requests, that’s why they’re expanding nationwide. Oh, and they’re also collecting secret dossiers on citizens.

So what would a civil war look like in modern America? It’s likely far less exciting than what you imagine, at least at first.

Are Elon Musk's businesses just fronts for intelligence operations, similar to Howard Hughes and project Azorian?

If officials around the world extended the lockdowns for political reasons, that constitutes a crime against humanity according to the U.N. definition.

Covid didn’t overrun hospitals, private equity firms did. Many were bought by groups like Blackstone who run them at maximum capacity with minimal staff to increase profits.

The framing of every covid mandate as a way to “protect others, not yourself” was just a backdoor method to demonize anybody who opposed or questioned them.

You’ll own nothing. First it was phones, now new cars will be able to be remotely shut off or monitored.

In the days before the internet and smart phone cameras, guys like Ray Epps would have never been exposed. Makes you wonder what other characters like him played pivotal roles in large events.

China is waging an unrestricted hybrid war against Americans, but most people don’t even realize it yet.

People still underestimate the impact of the Russia-hoax. It wasn’t just a political attack, it set the playbook for everything we are seeing today.

Know your media – Forbes is a majority Chinese owned company.

Kamala was right! Both 9/11 and January 6th are similar. They were both events where the government is hiding the truth as to what really happened and how much they were involved.

The recent “mass psychosis” events all started when the mainstream media, big-tech, and corrupt government agencies all consolidated into one behemoth propaganda unit.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot finally realizes what other progressive mayors and leaders are doing. Talk about covid all day and you don’t have to answer for your failed leadership.

The coordinated attacks on Dr. Malone started months ago, openly funded by the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative via The Atlantic.

Why would you believe any of it? The same people pushing covid are the same ones who spent 5 years telling you an elected U.S. president was a secret Russian spy.